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Rahsaan Patterson

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Rahsaan Patterson's career is proof that an artist can be progressive while firmly based in gospel and R&B traditions. After a 13-year period entailing a co-starring role on Kids Incorporated, songwriting triumphs with Brandy's "Baby" and Tevin Campbell's "Back to the World," and other activity behind the scenes, Patterson finally made his solo major-label debut with a self-titled album (1997) that started an unbroken streak of moderately successful, stylistically adventurous studio recordings. He has flashed his dynamic and soul-piercing tenor voice, as well as his production and arrangement skills, across a consistently high-quality discography highlighted by independent albums such as After Hours (2004), Wines & Spirits (2007), and Bleuphoria (2011). While his LPs have been separated by two to eight years, Patterson has been sought regularly as a collaborator and remains an active performer. His 35th year in the entertainment industry coincided with the release of his sixth proper studio album, Heroes & Gods (2019).

Originally from New York, Rahsaan Patterson began singing in church during early childhood. He entered the entertainment industry and moved to Los Angeles once he was cast as "the Kid" in Kids Incorporated, a music-oriented children's television program in which the main cast performed contemporary hits. Patterson co-starred in the first four seasons, from 1984 through 1987, and recorded albums with the group. Signed to a recording contract with major-label RCA, Patterson began working on his first solo album in 1996 with Les Pierce, Keith Crouch, and Jamey Jaz all heavily involved. In a Billboard feature published that November, writer J.R. Reynolds used adjectives such as alternative, progressive, and organic in describing the artist's approach to R&B.

During this period, Patterson became a staple of the "grown folks R&B" touring circuit and also supported numerous studio projects, including sessions for Jimmy Sommers, Brian Culbertson, Trina Broussard, Boney James, Ledisi, and Hathaway (highlighted by "Let Go"). Additionally, he joined Ida Corr and Jarrad Rogers to form SugaRush Beat Company, a group that released a spirited self-titled LP through the U.K. division of RCA.

Patterson ended an extended break between solo albums with Heroes & Gods. Released on Shanachie in 2019, Patterson's 35th year in show business, it mixed traditional and modern R&B, mature pop, and house music with extensive help from Jaz and additional input from Hathaway and Broussard, as well as Rachelle Ferrell, and Joi Gilliam. Although it was his first album in nearly a decade, Patterson was active all the while with touring.

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