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Gritz & Jelly Butter

What started as a joke to call the band Grits and Hamhocks grew into a group moniker that combined the members' Southern breakfast favorite with composer Jelly Roll Morton's name, and the group's smooth-as-butter sound.

The trio - Ruben Royster (Bass Guitar/Upright Bass), joined by Jameel Winston (Keyboard & Vocals) and LaMar Khalid Rahmaad (Percussion), Gritz & Jelly Butter quickly expanded its brand of improvisation by backing poets and open mic virgins until its musical prowess led to a headlining event at Apache Café and playing house band to HBO Def Poet Amir Sulaiman's Cornerstone Folklore event at Sugarhill in late 2007.

Best consumed live, a standard serving of Gritz & Jelly Butter includes a mix of Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Classic Rock vibes, delivered with a distinct and unique flair that is undeniable.  Performing the perfect blend of old and new songs, while mixing in several of Gritz & Jelly Butter's original songs, paves the way for a new brand of soul/funk music.

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